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Full Range of School Uniform to UK Academies

There has been a big move over the last couple of years in schools becoming Academies and what we have noticed is that many of these are moving away for the more conventional uniform styling and opting for uniforms with a more 'designer' feel. This includes blazers with trim and coloured lining to paneled polo shirts incorporating the new Academy colours.

One of the constraints we face is the fact that in certain instances the DfE give a grand of just £60.00 per pupil for the first year which means that we have to consider not just the uniform design but the total 'value for money' package. In some instances this can be quite a challenge.

We will work with the sponsors and the Academy to design and supply uniform to an agreed specification and time frame.

We will also look at supply options such as bulk delivery to the school followed by re-orders or setting up an Online facility so that parents can purchase uniform through a dedicated website, all things are possible.

For further information please contact our sales office on 0800 132988 or go to our contact page.

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